Vision Statement

The vision of Good Psychology is to empower communities with knowledge of mind-body relationships to eliminate unnecessary illnesses and improve quality of life. In my profession as a Health Psychologist and Health Coach, I seek to bring together my personal experience, strength, and hope related to health behaviors as well as my professional training and formal education for the benefit of clients. A safe and nurturing environment for individuals will be open to begin to change health behaviors so that clients may achieve their unique personal goals.

My philosophy of practice is summarized by two rules for life:

  •    Keep your head in the right place, and
  •    Take the next step


 My mission is to inspire my clients by providing tools to interpret and respond to situations differently. I offer new paradigms to understand themselves, as well as the reasons for their feelings. I help my clients see situations as opportunities to grow and evolve, in order to experience more good in life. My mission is also to encourage my clients by offering focus and clarification on what steps to take to improve. My style is behavioral and humanistic and collaborative and cooperative.  My role is to help clients solve lifelong issues, at higher and higher levels, to increase life satisfaction and happiness.

I look forward to discussing your goals during an intial consultation.  You may contact me at lisa@goodpsych.com or 303-827-1056.  We can make a difference together.